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Sargent Engineers has designed and maintained more reservoirs than any other engineering firm in the Pacific Northwest.  We work with municipalities and contractors to develop creative design and maintenance solutions for reservoirs of all types, fluids, and conditions.

Montesano Reservoir Foundation and Site Walls

Montesano, WA

  • Provided preliminary foundation designs for three different options for a new 700,000 gallon water reservoir
  • Designed a 130 foot steel soldier pile wall necessary to cut the tank site into existing hillside
  • Wall was designed with a combination of tied back and cantilever soldier piles
Kent 640 Zone Reservoir

Kent, WA

  • Designed new 75×127 foot welded steel reservoir as part of Kent’s water system expansion
  • Due to the large size, we designed an internally stiffened dome roof to clear-span the tank
  • Also designed a fall protection system, roof platforms, a roof fall protection system, and internal platforms and ladders
Summit Tank #4 Replacement

Summit, WA

  • Demolished 150,000 gallon deteriorating concrete tank
  • Designed replacement 200,000 gallon welded steel water tank and foundation
  • Built new tank in footprint of existing tank to simplify connection of new piping systems
  • Provided PS&E as well as construction administration services
Firgrove Zone 2A Reservoir

Puyallup, WA

  • Designed new 2 million gallon water reservoir and 1700 square foot pump house
  • Welded steel standpipe with dome roof, supported on a concrete mat foundation
  • Completed design of appurtenances including the spiral stairway, interior and exterior platforms, manholes, and fall protection anchors
  • Pump house constructed of CMU walls with wood-framed roof
  • Prepared constructions plans and specifications
Tanglewilde Water System

Lacey, WA

  • Designed a new 829,000 gallon steel reservoir for T Bailey
  • 84 feet tall and 42 feet in diameter
  • Mat foundation 58 feet in diameter and four feet thick
  • Roof supported on a central column in the center of the reservoir
Lakewood Water District Reservoir Retrofits

Lakewood, WA

  • Completed the seismic evaluation of four elevated water reservoirs
  • Analyzed reservoirs to identify seismic deficiencies
  • Determined required retrofits needed to bring tanks into code compliance
  • Based on the analysis, we provided the project team with a prioritized list of work and associated costs
  • Reviewed contractor submittals and responded to RFIs during construction


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