Erik Martin
Erik Martin, PE, SE

Principal Engineer  |  Washington Office

(360) 302-7981  |  

Erik has been with Sargent for 24 years and has led projects of all different complexities. He does it all from large, multi-story buildings down to the details of smaller facilities. His quick thinking and creative solutions have turned many emergency projects into something better than they were before. Whether you saw it coming or it turned up unexpectedly, Erik can solve any problem you might have.

Jessica Soward, PE, SE

Principal Engineer  |  Washington Office

(360) 302-7980  |  

Jessica leads by example. Throughout her 20-year career, she has put in the work needed to get things done right, paying close attention to detail to ensure every concern is addressed. She has prepared plans and reports for agencies across the region and has become a go-to project manager for clients. She can orchestrate large contracts and be the facilitator you need to see your projects through.

Scott Olson, PE, SE

Principal Engineer  |  Washington Office

(360) 302-7978  |  

Scott has spent 16 years developing his skills in engineering as well as leadership. His experience with clients both large and small has given him a wide perspective of all project types. He has a way of removing the clutter from a problem and allowing you to focus on what really needs to be addressed. Scott can walk you through every stage of your project and leave you feeling confident in your decisions.

Kari Moulton, PE, SE

Principal Engineer  |  Idaho Office

(208) 354-4400  |  

Kari has the creative insight you want when designing your project. He has spent 27 years in the field helping clients bring their ideas to life. He has designed homes and roadways across the beautiful landscapes of Idaho and Utah. With his consistent output of quality, Kari has become a top reference for structural services within the community.



Molly Cichosz

Business Manager

Accounts Payable/Receivable, Insurance, General Business Inquiries

Washington/Idaho Office

(360) 302-7986

Erica Blackler

Business Associate

Proposals, Communications, Marketing, General Business Inquiries

Washington Office

(360) 302-7987


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