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We are a full-service bridge engineering firm. We provide services for every stage of the bridge life cycle, from planning to design, inspection and maintenance, to strategic replacements.


Our engineers have designed everything from culverts facilitating a stream to complex multi-span bridges across major interstate highways. We walk you through every stage of the design process, including pre-planning, developing options, selecting and executing a strategy, and construction assistance.

I-205 Mill Plain /112th Connector

Vancouver, WA

  • Reconfigured I-205 interchange
  • Designed 1,055 foot multi-span bridge constructed of WSDOT precast concrete girders and a cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete box girder
  • Designed cantilever concrete gravity, mechanically stabilized earth, and soil nail retaining walls
Salmon La Sac Bridge Replacement

Wenatchee National Forest, WA

  • Replaced bridge over Cle Elum River
  • Designed decked bulb tee girder bridge supported on spread footings on bed rock
  • Provided construction assistance
  • Load rated bridge following construction
Percival Creek Bridge Repair

Olympia, WA

  • Worked with SPSCC and artist to repair rotten bridge deck and retrofit railing
  • Prepared multiple layouts
  • Provided guidance when additional decay was found during construction
  • Working on repairs to address undermining of the foundations caused by scour
Renslow Trestle

Kittitas County, Washington

  • Converted a historic trestle into a trail bridge
  • Connected two portions of the Palouse to Cascades Trail
  • New concrete decking, railing, and safety fencing
  • Multi-use recreational trail bridge
Lake Flora Bridge

Kitsap County, Washington

  • Emergency replacement of a collapsed culvert
  • Single-span, prestressed girder bridge
  • Roadway design
  • Block retaining wall
  • New bridge opened only 7 months after the culvert collapse
Upper Hoh Road Culvert Replacements

Jefferson County, Washington

  • Multiple culvert replacements for washed out and collapsed culverts
  • Mixture of culvert and bridge replacements
  • Improved fish passage
  • Maintained traffic


We have an excellent bridge load rating team. Every year we perform ratings on hundreds of bridges for agencies across the region. Our contracts can include any number of bridges from one to 200. Our extensive history with load ratings has made our team thorough and efficient with any bridge type.

Pacific Cascades

Southwest Washington Forests

  • Load rated 23 forest bridges for the Department of Natural Resources
  • Mix of single and multi-span, steel, concrete, and timber structures
  • Field inspected bridges without as-built drawings to measure bridge dimensions and document decay
  • Completed inspections and load ratings within four months
Railway Road Bridge

Yelm, Washington

  • Bridge did not have plans detailing construction
  • Measured bridge and provided load rating
  • Four steel girders with a timber plank deck
  • Final rating indicated factors of below 1.0, posting recommendations were provided
Snohomish County

Snohomish County, Washington

  • 15 on-call bridge load ratings
  • Structures included combinations of reinforced concrete slabs, prestressed concrete girders with cast-in-place concrete decks, and both reinforced concrete and corrugated steel culverts
  • Utilized Concrete BRIDG, MathCAD, and BRASS Girder to rate structures
  • GTStrudl used to complete additional modeling and preliminary calculations


Bridge inspections are crucial to ensuring public safety and prolonging the life of the structure. We perform thorough inspections and make every effort to determine cost-effective maintenance recommendations. All of our Principals and Senior/Project Engineers are WSDOT-certified Bridge Inspection Team Leaders.

Bridge Inspection Contract

Klickitat County, Washington

  • Renewing contract inspecting 63 bridges every two years
  • Worked with WSDOT and FHWA to condense inspection season to save the County money
  • Structures include reinforced and prestressed concrete, timber, and steel
  • UBIT required to access some structures
Davison Bridge Inspection

Lewis County, Washington

  • Fracture critical bridge inspection
  • UBIT exceeds load postings, so rope access techniques were necessary
  • Inspected to NBI and WSDOT standards
  • Provided maintenance recommendations
USDA Region 6 Bridge Inspections

Washington and Oregon Forests

  • Completed the inspection and reports for 120 road bridges, 32 fracture critical road bridges, and 3 pedestrian structures
  • Utilized a combination of UBIT, ladder and rope access techniques
  • Coordinated traffic control
  • Completed 140 bridges within six weeks
  • Worked with fire command to access remaining bridges


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